Inspiring Learning Life

– a Collaborative Paradigms in Education

Inspiring Learning Life is a ”Learning festival”, located in Drammen, Norway, in April 2016. Teachers and learners around the world have started a movement together, called “Inspiring learning life”. Around the world from Canada to Tanzania, from Norway to Argentina exceptional learning results are created with outstanding outcome for those children and grown-ups involved. Outcome that affect them positively for the rest of their life. “Inspiring learning life” aims at connecting and making new dialogues on exceptional results possible around the world.

Why this movement?

A great amount of schools and school systems around the world are still founded on principles emerged in the industrial age. Classes as age batches, producing sameness etc. The cost is growing and the quality is going down, more children in the classes, more children are medicated, less boys are performing etc.

We need new ways to collaborate to create learning organizations, and exceptional learning in classes, based on appreciative dialogue, strength-based thinking, relational and collaborative learning. We need to create pride, build “hope”, future optimism, creativity and innovation through different kind of conversations, and in a different mindset.

The overall purpose of the movement

  • To reduce social inequality and create inclusion in schools
  • Increasing motivation for learning an reducing dropouts in schools
  • To increase the opportunity for everyone to make use of their full potential

..and the purpose is still evolving, please join the dialogue.

What is going on?

The movement is mobilizing all the expertise and creativity that exists among students, teachers, researchers, opinion makers, parents, local businesses etc. around schools to experiment in learning and to create and share extra ordinary results. The “Inspiring learning life” movement will involve a thousand participants from different countries in different dialogues, sharing experiences and knowledge on the future of schools. Producing the future. At the festival you will meet enthusiastic students, politicians, scientists, business people, teachers, learners etc. – all working hard to get good results. In the process towards April 2016 we hope to provide create the ability to draw on all available learning resources through new technology in the globalized world.

This initiative is initiated by inspiring people from:

Nasjonalt vitensenter for styrkebasert læring ved:

Lent in Norway (Bjørn Hauger:

Buskerud Fylkeskommune og Arbeidsinstituttet i Buskerud (Ingebjørg Mæland:

Taos Institute (Kenneth Gergen:

Taos Institute Europe (Jakob Nørlem:

Hasselbo & Partners (Gro Lund:


…And many others will join

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  1. Our pic is a bit misleading. The future is collaboration, learning to work together. But, a great idea-good luck with it:)

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