Introduksjonskurs i AI i Tanzania

About Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a powerful vehicle for energising positive change in an organisation’s or community’s human, ecological and economic functioning. Its aim is to discover, expand, and sustain an organisation’s life giving factors and root causes of success. As a next generation approach to the whole field of organisational change and development, AI is a consulting process which grows out of social constructionist thought and its applications to organisation and community transformation. AI is linked to ideas from Social Constructionism, Positive Psychology, Systemic Change and Action Research.

AI is very effective in facilitating change at both individual, small group and large group level. AI is particularly useful in complex environments and situations with culture transformation, evaluation and strategic planning. AI also helps managers become leaders.

About the workshop

This workshop is designed for managers, human resource professionals, organisational and community facilitators from all sectors; corporate, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The workshop is highly participatory and we use experience learning and action learning as teaching methods together with short lecture. No prior knowledge to the field is needed.

Some topics we will cover

  • How and why AI works
  • AI in action — Case studies, stories, illustrations. F.ex how AI has been used in TICC.
  • Questions that make positive change possible
  • Engaging the whole system in change
  • Start developing your own project for your organization using AI-principles

Learning Outcomes – what the participants will come away with

  • Have a solid understanding of how to lead change through the strength-based perspective of AI
  • Explore a wide range of applications of AI at the individual, group and large system levels
  • Relate the principles underlying AI to specific project related to their own work
  • Learn to lead, manage and motivate more positively
  • Learn how AI helps adding to the local value chain

Participants will receive some teaching materials, articles and a book: Watkins & Mohr: Appreciative Inquiry – Change at the Speed of Imagination.

Workshop details (registration, travel and accomodation)

The workshop lasts three days, 9-11 August (Saturday – Sunday – Monday). Arrival in Tanga and TICC, Friday 8th August. Registration in the reception upon arrival. Registration for day package participants on Saturday: 8.30-9.00. Workshop hours: 08.30-16.00 (first day from 9.00). Dress code: Casual and comfortable

Cost and sign up

  1. 800 $ for International participants and participants from private companies in Tanzania. (20 % of the price will be given as scholarship to participants from the communities in Tanga.) Inclusive accommodation, FB and Course fee. (From 8th-11th August). Send e-mail to to register. Invoice will be sent by e-mail.
  2. 200 $ for local participants, local small businesses, Local NGO’s and TICC employee’s. Inclusive snack, lunch, water/coffee/tea and Course fee (3 days). Send e-mail to to register. Payment to TICC upon arrival.

Registration deadline: 3 June

Location and travel

From Dar es Salaam International Airport to Tanga, you can travel by road or air. Coastal Aviation has two flights to Tanga daily. Leave Dar es Salaam Domestic airport at 9.00 or 14.00 hours.

If you want to take a bus from Dar to Tanga we recommend Raha Leo, Simba Mtoto or Radko Buss Company, they depart several times daily. If you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you can travel by road or take the flight from Arusha Airport to Tanga, which departs at 12.15 daily. If you need assistance on how to come to Tanga and TICC, you are free to contact us and we will assist you:

About the facilitators

Pål Tanggaard is Partner and Senior Consultant in Lent, the company in Norway with longest traditions in working with AI and strength based approaches to change. Pål has worked as a consultant, facilitatior and trainer for more than 10 years within the field of organisational change and leadership using Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology to create organizational and community transformation. He strives to bring human strengths and qualities into play in relation to challenging and complex goals. Pål teaches at various Universities in Norway and has experience from public, private and non-governmental sectors.

Sarah Lewis (C.Psychol.) is an Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Principal member of the Association of Business Psychologists. An acknowledged Appreciative Inquiry expert in the UK, she regularly presents sessions on Appreciative Inquiry at workshops and conferences. She has written for professional publications and is lead author of ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management’ published by Kogan Page in 2007. Her most recent book publication is ‘Positive Psychology at Work’ by Wiley-Blackwell in 2011. She is currently working on a forthcoming publication ‘Positive Psychology and Change.’ Sarah is a consultant and facilitator, and all her work is informed by a social constructionist, positive, and appreciative, view of organisations. Over the past 20 years Sarah has worked with organisations from all sectors to bring change to their organisations at an individual, team or organisational level. More information about Sarah and Appreciating Change can be found at

Ruth Nesje, a Norwegian nurse with more then 30 years of leadership experience from Norway and Tanzania. She has been holding leadership positions at all levels in the Norwegian Government in different sectors. She has been a project coordinator for several projects and programs in Tanzania since 1984 and in 1999 she founded Sareptas AS, a consultancy firm in Norway. In Tanga Ruth Nesje has used AI while running Leadership training for leaders in Tanga City, Tanga Regional Authorities and Lushoto district. She also started using AI in the Meusta program (AIDS education in all primary schools in Tanga region (1995-2005) from year 2000. Ruth Nesje is also one of the founders of the European AI network;


For questions about the content of the workshop, please contact For questions about travel details and accommodation, please contact Depending on how many participants that register, the workshop will be run by two or three trainers.


Hope to see you there!


Pål Tanggaard

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