EmmanuelThis text is written by Emmanuel Mtaki from Tanzania. He has been a Fredskorpsent “FK” participant in Lent AS,  2015 – 2016. He is an employee at TICC and is returning by the end of february 2016. 


Working in a consultancy company

I have been able to understand how is it to do a consultation and the need of it to the customers in the application of strength based approaches and positive psychology i.e.; institutions, employees and different individuals, I have been able to join different sessions to listen, observe and participate the procedures done during sessions, that helped me a lot get a wider understanding on the connection between the facilitators and participants

Dynamic office experience

I learned how to work in a dynamic way as Lent office does, this is because there are times that people need to be in office doing preparations and other related stuffs, And there are times when people need to be outside even the whole day to do consultation activities. So I have learned that to work doesn’t mean to be in the office full time it can involve outside movements as one of the tasks and I have been able to help some of them on preparations before going out.

Web shop manager

I have been able to deal with matters related to web shop such as deliverance of products to the customers, bills or invoice deliverance, handling the page i.e. attaching new products, new prices to the web page.

Office assistant

While at Lent I also acted as office assistant to Lent workers for different activities, typing of work related materials, assist during preparations for out office work, buying stuffs from outside to the office, Scanning etc.

TICC Information contact person

I have been going out of office and meet students from different universities who expect to go to TICC and do presentation about the center.



Time management; in every aspect of life, I have been in this all time of my stay.

Kindness and politeness; From people at the working place.

Interactive and openness; I never experience situations that people took things too personal.


Wider understanding of Positive psychology and strength based approaches and their advantages in different kinds of environment in the society, for example, in working environment, Schools, to the children and young people.

On that also I have learned different theories such as Mindfulness, Self-efficacy and Meditation especially to help young people realize their strength and use them to make way of reaching their dreams.

I have also learned how positive psychology can be used for solving problems a good example is usage of problem solving tree.


 Working with youth and Campaign program at TICC while applying positive psychology and strength based approaches.

Workshop project for youth (pupils) I am looking forward this program for the young people in Tanga, In that I will collaborate with Julie who is now as Lent intern early April this year. The project aims at coaching the younth to believe in them selves and use their strengths to create or develop future dreams.

Connected to that I got an experience on how to use strength based and appreciative inquiry to the children at schools as well as home instead of spanking them. This is good for teachers and parents.

This feedbacks I got from KIRKEVOLL SKOLE in Re Kommune in Norway

Establishing and develop TICC web shop, to put in the market all the products for more efficiency and safety way.

Introduction to Google Calendar use & TICC Facebook interns page especially the study section department.

Relationship building with other institutions, from FK participants  that I have mate from other countries.


Cold climate with snow! Since I came from warm continent, it was difficult to handle that always but was okay with jackets on.

Language barriers when norsk language took place, also I was confort to speak English  everywhere. Sometimes hard to understand the letters from posters or understand some notes outside the doors.

Food types was a challenge especially at the earliest month when I was new, the more I stayed I got uses to it.


To develop my Education “Masters”, develop my life, wife and kids, Share my experience from abroad to the local society for people to get wider understanding about things such as; garbage control, road safety, noise pollution to mention just a few etc. through different projects.


Is how to see things are equal here, that means it was hard for me to see the poor people or rich people in terms of houses, dressing styles or transport usage, people share things here, this is different from Tanzania where it is very easy to see the haves and have not.


First and foremost I want to give out my special thanks to my manager from Tanzania, Ruth Nesje and TICC management for letting us young people have the opportunity to go for the exchange, and bring back better experience to the company as well as the society surrounds us.

Also I give my special thanks to Lent Office team for having me during my working experience. Every day was a new day with new thoughts. Lastly to FREDSKORPSET team who made this exchange program exist for me and other young people to participate.




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